A Message for Chris Brown [VIDEO]

I sure hope Chris Brown sees this video from Jay Smooth.  I don’t want him to just hear about it from his management or a fan or a friend.  You see, I think Chris Brown is very talented, as a matter of fact, he’s multi-talented. I also think he’s headed down the wrong path or will not reach the pinnacle of his potential success without better career guidance. Now, if he is being better advice but just not following it, then that’s another story.

Chris Brown BETA2011 
Chris Brown shows off BET Awards

Brown was given the all-clear, we forgive you welcome at the 2011 BET Awards Show with his multiple award wins, especially that Fan Favorite award during one of the weirdest presentations I’ve ever witnessed.

What was most disappointing and telling about Chris Brown was his attire to the BET Awards. Now, don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t the only one to have committed a flagrant fashion foul but if he is to be truly forgiven for physically assaulting Rihanna, his career move should be less bad boy roughneck and more smooth operator.  Instead, rather than being perceived as fashion forward, trandsetting or classy, he just came across as disrespectful like many of the other performers.  I’m just  saying.

Well said, Jay Smooth!




Waka Flocka, Voting and Crimes Against Our Children [VIDEO]

First there was T-Pain, now Waka Flocka. This video is sad on so many levels. I don't know who Waka Flocka is or what Waka Flocka means but I do know that here is a young man, obviously a celebrity since he's being interviewed on 106 & Park, who cannot hold an intelligent conversation. He could have been nervous but that doesn't explain the vocabulary and grammar issues.

It's easy to make jokes about this interview and some of the comments about this incident on YouTube are brutal but it's so not funny. From family to community to the educational system to the record company he works for --- this is so wrong. It's child abuse...neglect...fraud and a number of other charges we should be ashamed of as adults.

Artists like Waka Flocka are emulated by other young people, pushed through or kicked out of our educational system and neglected by family and community. Like many young people, he has potential but for whatever reason, we didn't nurture him. It's not too late for Waka Flocka and many other young people in our communities, so what are we going to do?

In case you forgot...

Get out and vote on November 2, 2010!

Artist I’m Feeling: Laura Izibor

Laura Izibor

There's not much to say except, gimme more, when listening to the music of Laura Izibor. I must say that I mistakenly thought her song, From My Heart to Yours, was actually performed by India.Arie, another of my favorites.

Izibor's Irish upbringing is a rarity (Irish mom, Nigerian dad) and another reminder that black people live all over the world. It's unfortunate, but the consciousness of many people need a reality check to understand just how big and small the world is and how we all are connected.

Here's a cool video on learning to speak Irish. It's deadly!

Official website:

CIA-The World Factbook: Ireland

If You Love Hip-Hop

Click here to buy this movie!

I was channel flipping and came across an awesome documentary, This Is the Life. It’s about hip-hop and a movement spawned at this obviously legendary place called The Good Life Café in Los Angeles. I am so in love with the talent introduced to me tonight. Giving up mad love to Freestyle Fellowship, Medusa & KoKo, Abstract Rude, Figures of Speech, 2000 Crows and a slew of other folks whose names I can’t remember right now.

If you love real hip-hop, music history or pop culture; this is one film you don’t want to miss.

I know The Last Poets are smiling as the next generation spits truth in poetry and lyrics.


2009 BET Honors to Air Tonight

The 2009 BET Honors will air tonight at 9 p.m. EST. Talk of the awards show have permeated the internet since its January 17 taping. I’m looking forward to the wonderful performances but most of all I’ll be glad to see Ms. Whitney Houston present the award to Tyler Perry.

Whitney looked fabulous! Go on with your bad self!



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NOTORIOUS the Movie and the Faith - L'il Kim Beef Continues

The film, NOTORIOUS, chronicles the life of gone too soon rapper, Christopher Wallace AKA Notorious B.I.G, Biggie and Biggie Smalls. The movie stars Derek Luke as Sean “Puffy” Combs, Angela Bassett as Biggie’s mom Violetta Wallace and introduces Jamal Woolard as Biggie. There are other talented actors in the flick; check out the official site at The film opens on January 16.

L’il Kim has slammed the movie big time. For starters, she criticized her portrayal in the film and the actors chosen to play her and Biggie.  She’s also threatened to disclose damaging information about Biggie’s  mom and widow, Faith Evans. We'll see what bomb L'il Kim drops, if any. Faith Evans said Kim's actions are just sad.

Oh, well, I guess it couldn't be a movie involving rap without some beef involved too.



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Church Folks Gone Wild!

Do  check out the video below. It shows a portion of the celebration of the 132nd anniversary of the Greater Travelers Rest Baptist Church of Decatur, GA.  E. Dewey Smith, Jr. is the pastor.


That was fun. Which generation are you? Builders, Boomers, Busters or Bridges?  I’m in the Boomers category. While Miss Aretha’s “Respect” is an excellent song choice for that generation, I think I would have chosen this….


What song would you choose for your generation?


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