Congressional Black Caucus

Popular Congresswoman booed at Texas Convention

It's not business as usual this campaign season. Ask U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee, a Hillary Rodham Clinton supporter. Jackson-Lee was resoundingly booed by Barack Obama supporters at a recent Democratic convention at Texas Southern University.

Black folks have been rather polite when it comes to differing opinions in this presidential campaign so all of this is somewhat a surprise. Perhaps Rep. Jackson-Lee thought she was far too popular to be the brunt of such public disdain. Perhaps she should have talked to U.S. Rep. John Lewis before making such declarations of loyalty to the Clinton campaign rather than demonstrating loyalty to her constituents and her political future.

This Jackson-Lee booing episode may appear insignificant but it may also be the tipping point of voters demanding accountability and respect from black elected officials.

It's about time.

h/t:    Black Political Thought