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Book of the Month: Dear White America --- Letter to a New Minority

Tim_wiseTim J. Wise  has added another powerful book to his repertoire on race. “Dear White America — Letter to a New Minority” is a must read.

Wise is gifted with the ability to break complex racial issues down to a simple, logical, understandable concept. In the case of this latest book, Wise points out the actions and reactions of many whites as simply the realization that the balance of power is shifting and they are losing their privilege of being the majority. Check it out.


Mitt Romney Doesn't Care About Poor People

The “Mitt Romney Is Not Concerned About the Very Poor” video has gone viral. It is reminiscent of the Kanye West inspired video mash-up — “George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People” by the Legendary KO.  



Surely someone is creating a remix spotlighting Mitt Romney. He has provided enough material to make a very informative and thought-provoking video. Remember his very cavalier $10,000 bet with Rick Perry during the December Republican debate; his statement that he likes being able to fire people; describing the more than $370,000 in income he earned for speeches as not that much money; characterizing people as envious if they questioned the economic disparity in the U.S.; and the fact that his 2010 income tax returns indicate he pays less than 15% in taxes while sheltering millions in offshore accounts

You already know the title of the new video mash-up — “Mitt Romney Doesn’t Care About Poor People.” Just make sure the video accurately reflects the demographics of the very poor in the United States.