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Msnbc the black agenda 

Unfortunately, I didn’t watch The Ed Show on A Stronger America: The Black Agenda that aired yesterday. I’m really sorry I missed it because clips from the show were very interesting and borderline explosive. They obviously showed the difference of opinion between the black panelists but let me just say that the entire show was awkward and telling of the lack of a black presence in mainstream media television news reporting.

I’m a fan of Ed Schultz so don’t twist my comments. I do think the show would have had a different feel had the host been a black person. In a few instances he basically served as a referee between Rev. Al Sharpton and Dr. Cornel West. (I must admit I've never seen Dr. West lose his cool before.) If you tell me about Rev. Al Sharpton somewhat co-hosting the show, I’ll say that adding his name to the show’s promos after they had already been running was MSNBC’s attempt at damage control for those folks who were paying attention.

Be that as it may, it seems the show was interesting and informative even if there were a few awkward moments. I hope to catch more clips of it or perhaps it will be rebroadcast. Do check them out and let me know what you think.  


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