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Day of Blogging for Justice: No More Electrocution Deaths by Taser

Michael Jacobs, Jr. is the last name on a list of individuals who died after being subjected to electrocution by Taser. Jacobs is #405.

Surely, Jacobs' family wished they'd never called the police to help subdue their mentally ill loved one, but they did. That call led to Michael's death. Family members blame Fort Worth police who allegedly used excessive force to subdue Jacobs. Not only was he electrocuted; the family reports police did not provide medical assistance for at least 20 to thirty minutes. Wow.

There is a story for each of the other 404 people listed. Many of the deaths have been "justified" due to excited delirium. Research shows that excited delirium is a brain disorder and that requires immediate medical attention. At no point should an individual, properly diagnosed with ED or not, be electrocuted to death because of a brain disorder or even drug use. Death by taser must stop.

Too many people have died, in police custody, after electrocution by taser. What is the magic number of deaths required before these deaths are stopped? It goes without saying that law enforcement has a difficult job to do but 405 people dead? What's really going on?

This post is not an indictment of all law enforcement but does question the electrocution death of the 405 people listed on Taser Not Truth. It's time the issue was given the proper impartial scrutiny to prevent unlawful and unneccessary electrocution death by taser.