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20 Questions with Ife AKA Affrodite


Blogger:    Ife

Blogs:   Affrodite’s Adventures In Nappy Hair (affrodite.net) and Ifelicious Thoughts (ifelicious.com)

Maybe it was the screen name and maybe it was the whole accepting and celebrating the nappyness of our hair that was the connection; whatever the reason, I enjoy reading this young lady’s blogs. She has a wonderful blogging spirit and voice. It’s also apparent that her wonderful evolution continues as she shares what’s on her mind through her blogs.



1.      When did you start blogging?

About a year ago, in February 2008.  Affrodite.net was first followed by ifelicious.com about 2 weeks later.

2.      Why did you become a blogger?

I've always enjoyed journaling and creative writing since I was a child.  A friend of mine mentioned she was starting a blog, and I thought I would give it a try.  Once I started, it was like the flood gates opened.

3.      What do you hope to accomplish through your blog?

Affrodite.net has evolved to primarily communicate issues impacting or of importance to the black community.  There are also portions that touch on current events, politics, and activism to the world at large.  My intention is to develop a mix of posts to inform, spark debate, and connect with my readers through the issues, articles, stories, pathways less traveled in mainstream media.

Ifelicious.com is my fun blog.  Again, I hope to inform, spark debate, and connect with readers, but I want it to ultimately be entertaining.  I enjoy poking at pop culture, particularly my love of MTV shows.  My favorite aspect of this blog is interviewing celebrities and emerging artists, bringing their stories to life beyond what you'll find in a google search.

4.       Which blogging platform do you use?


5.      Mac or PC?

Mac.  I treated myself to the MacBook Pro after about 4 months of blogging.  It's my baby!

6.      How many hours per day do you spend on your blog?

I spend 8-12 hours per day total working on some aspect of my blogs.

7.       How frequently do you post to your blog?

I try get at least 1 post up on each site every 1-2 days.  Sometimes a lot more.  Occasionally, a little less frequent.

8.      How many hours per day do you spend reading other blogs?

About 2-4 hrs/day.

9.      What's your best blogging experience?

For affrodite.net, it was my recent/current featuring of 10 year old Aquan Lewis.  He was found hung in his elementary school bathroom and the coroner ruled it a suicide.  It brought tears to my eyes to think of someone so young to see life to be so gloomy that suicide made sense.  It raised a lot of questions for me that thankfully resonated with others.  This story is way more interesting to me and necessary to grab the spotlight than Nadya Suleman and her octuplets.

ifelicious.com, it was last March when I got to interview Lil Al B. Sure, son of my high school crush Al B. Sure.  Lil Al B. Sure was competing on MTV's Rock The Cradle, and it was the first time I was contacted by a publicist to conduct an interview.  Interviewing celebrities and artists never entered my mind, and this was the jump off for me to look at myself more seriously in the blogosphere.

10.  What's your worst blogging experience?

For affrodite.net, it was a post I wrote about interracial dating.  My intention was to share my experience growing up in a predominantly white suburb and to open the floor to discussion.  The post was taken on so many tangents including racist posts and people airing out their dirty laundry.  To top it off, it cost me a friendship with someone in an interracial relationship.  It hurts me to know that their significant other will not speak to me because they think I'm a racist.  I removed the post about 2 months ago.

ifelicious.com, I journaled the time I spent in DC during Barack Obama's inauguration in a series of daily posts that I've now archived offline.  The post from my second day included my perspective on a dinner I had with a couple that didn't seem to connect to me following my passion of writing full time.  After writing the post, I received an outpouring of support by my friends and readers who commented on my blog and on my facebook page.  Then I got a curve ball when one person from the dinner was angered by my point of view so much so that they wrote extremely inflammatory comments (yes, more than one) on my facebook page and told me off by phone.  I was hurt and embarrassed by that person who showed off on my facebook page that is where I connect with a range of personal and professional contacts.

11.   Why do you think there are not more black bloggers?

Actually, I've found that there are way more black bloggers than I originally imagined.  We're out there but perhaps not networked as much under the premise of black bloggers.  I don't think there is a stand out organization that has emerged to bring black bloggers together.

12.   How would you go about increasing the number of black bloggers?

Again, I think we're out there already in numbers.  I just haven't seen a true breakthrough black blogger emerge that is on par with a Huffington Post.  In the meantime, we need to continue to network and support each other through doing things like you are by featuring black bloggers.

13.   What's your favorite color?


14.   What's the last book that you read?

Boundaries (self help book)

15.   Who's your favorite author?

Maya Angelou

16.   What's your favorite type of music?

In general, I'm a hip hop, RnB, top 40 person.  In moods, I listen to folk, neo-soul, reggae, house, calypso, and soca.

17.   What famous person, living or dead, would you like to have a conversation with?

My grandparents and great grandparents.  I would have loved to document their life stories in the context of their time for my generation and those to come.

18.   Who are three of your favorite bloggers?

The Field Negro (field-negro.blogspot.com), Steve The Penguin (stevethepenguin.blogspot.com), Ephphatha (ephphatha3.blogspot.com)

19.   What one piece of advice would you give to new bloggers?

Do you, no matter what stats or friends or the media dictates.  Nobody wants regurgitated information.  Speak from your heart and the right people will find you.

20.    What don't we know about you that we should know?

I wish that people would not let their perceptions of me guide them and spend more time getting to know me.  I'm opinionated at times, competitive at times, feisty at times, funny at times, shy at times.  At the core is a girl with big heart who has a craving to be heard and be loved as much as she loves others.

Thanks for a great interview, Ife!

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