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Remembering Julius Carry III and Gene Upshaw

Julius Carry III

Gene Upshaw

Actor Julius Carry, III passed away; he was 56. Although Carry appeared in several roles in movies and on television, he will always be remembered as Sho'Nuff from the movie, The Last Dragon. Professional football player and labor union leader Gene Upshaw also passed away; he was 63. Upshaw was a trailblazer moving ably from the football field to capable but also controversial labor union leader.

It's important to note that both of these gentlemen died from pancreatic cancer. A little research shows that often when pancreatic cancer is diagnosed, it's already too late. The usual risk factors of smoking, obesity, family history and older age didn't surprise me but the fact that pancreatic cancer occurs more frequently in blacks than in whites really threw me for a loop. Further issues of pancreatic cancer, weight and black women are also wake-up calls to make sure to keep my health in check.

Both Carry and Upshaw made their mark in their chosen profession. They will be remembered and sorely missed by family, friends and fans. Although we will all die as surely as we are born, let's try to live healthy lives until it is time for our transition.