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Tavis Smiley Invites Submissions for Inspiring Volume of 'Unconditional Love Stories'

January 23, 2008

Richelle Zizian
Sr. Publicist
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"Love Wins," Edited By Smiley, to be Released in Fall 2008 

New York, NY (BlackNews.com) - SmileyBooks, the publishing company founded by Tavis Smiley, has launched a national campaign to generate submissions for his next book Love Wins: True Stories of Transformation and Triumph. Smiley is the New York Times best-selling author of What I Know for Sure and The Covenant. "I believe, just as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did, that love is the most powerful and transformative force in the world; the only thing capable of turning an enemy into a friend," Smiley asserts.

Smiley envisions Love Wins as a collection of inspiring real life stories that give voice to the transforming power of unconditional love. "Too often 21st century living has a way of disconnecting us from that divine power within," says Smiley. "Love Wins is an expression of faith that we can reconnect with love's power - to positively transform each other and the world we live in." Love Wins invites people to reexamine their lives through the lens of love and share the one story that most compellingly reveals how giving or receiving love changed their life.

During Tavis' travels across the country over the years, he has been captivated by the stories of everyday people whose lives have been affected by the quiet, simple beauty of love in all of its remarkable facets. The true stories featured in Love Wins will range from 500 to 1,200 words in length. Contributors' bios will be included along with their selection and each author will receive a complimentary autographed first edition copy of Love Wins. In addition to the entries included in the book, SmileyBooks will feature additional selections on www.tavistalks.com. Details on the Love Wins submissions guidelines can be found by clicking on the Love Wins banner at the bottom of the page at www.tavistalks.com/media/smileybooks 

In the fall of 2008 when the book is scheduled for publication, Tavis Smiley will undertake a Love Wins "unconditional love" tour, inviting regional contributors to join him at events around the country. Love Wins is Tavis' gift to those who understand and appreciate the power of unconditional love. "We believe that this book can generate a lot of healing conversation," says SmileyBooks president, Cheryl Woodruff, "because when we dare to talk about the power of love, Love Wins."

Tavis Smiley is one of the most familiar faces and voices in America. He can be seen on his PBS television program, Tavis Smiley, and heard on his PRI radio show, The Tavis Smiley Show.