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JET Centerfold Represents Natural Beauty of Black Women

This is Sydney-Nicole Livingston, the Beauty of the Week for the Oct. 1, 2007 edition of JET magazine. I don't usually pay much attention to the JET centerfold because, well, I've always thought it a little cheesy. I did notice Ms. Livingston for a couple of reasons: first, there is a close resemblance between her and my niece's mother; secondly, she is a brown-skinned sister with short hair. How often to do you see that?

Take a look at the other JET beauties and she how many of them look like her. Not many. Then look at Ebony and Essence magazines also. More of the same. The messages most of those ads send, even in so-called black magazines, are not positive for black women when it comes to standards of beauty.

Remember that whack "Light-skinned Libra" party that caused such controversy for the promoter in Detroit? That mentality is still too common in the black community, especially among young people.

Congratulations and thanks to Ms. Livingston for representing the natural beauty of black women.